Osborne Mint Brochure
This trifold brochure was created for Osborne Mint, a coin-minting company. This company had many divisions that were discussed in depth in a larger brochure. However, the company wanted this trifold to showcase a piece of it: the stock designs.
Some questions I asked myself before approaching this were: How do I lay out the content?; How can I utilize color and shapes to guide the viewer through the brochure?
The largest question was: how do I start? Well, you read from left to right, so I wanted a large text indicator at the top left.
Each of the design collections was to be scattered throughout and that’s when I thought about using curved shapes that were used in the larger brochure I adapted this from. Using shapes introduced the idea of having coins play with that space in a new way such as bleeding over the lines.
CLIENT Osborne Mint
MY ROLE Designer
AGENCY Mosaic Strategies Group
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