danielle stecki

Hi! I’m Danielle and I’m a Graphic Designer and Visual Artist.
I am currently seeking my next full-time permanent or contract role. 
 I am also available for freelance work so if you're an independent client and wondering how I can serve your business, contact me below.
My resume is available to view and download here.
My roots are in Visual Arts and realism. I spent hours and hours staring at the same still-life set-ups of fruit in bowls trying to eye details that would make them look realistic. I now apply that same eye as a designer to brand consistency, photo editing, layouts, spacing, and more.
Did I mention I also have a teaching degree?
My organizational mindset enables me to think about structural systems that will make processes flow smoother. It also helps me to keep files organized. I’ve worked with brands to develop project delegation systems in order to increase productivity.
My life outside of designing consists of binging housewives, soaking up art through live theatre (broadway), going to art museums, and creating crochet dolls (Amigurumi) and fine art with my hands. I tell people I’m a walking database of knowledge when it comes to Disney and Broadway. I’m also a lover of punk rock, which is what inspires my portfolio style. It was never a phase.
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