it's art.
This project started as a drawing of a sandwich I did on my iPad on a program called Procreate. I wanted to find a way to integrate design and art together. I took the drawing and developed a mock campaign where Procreate partners with Feeding America.
The inspiration behind this was that I had seen a lot of campaigns that possessed literal text. I liked the informal conversation aspect of it and I think it's a sure way to grab someone's attention as I don't think we're used to seeing ads that are directly speaking to us. I also wanted to try to mash my art with design. 

Early concept development of the campaign and collateral for it. This is where I started discovering what image layouts would look like.

I originally envisioned someone driving home from work hungry, seeing this ad and thinking it was advertising a food place, but it wouldn't be. Instead, it was an ad for an art app, Procreate, to show someone how convincing and realistic they could make their work look.

One of the challenges here was thinking about how I make it obvious that this was in fact a drawing. The “aha” moment for me was when I started playing around with lines and realized what an integral part they could play in this project. I used them to split the art in half but then realized that I could also use lines as a branding component throughout the project.
CLIENT Personal Project
MY ROLE Designer, Artist; Ideated Brand style and copy for digital deliverables and printed collateral
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